Sharing the news can be enjoyable again

We built Topico as a way to curate news and information around the topics that interest us, and to create an experience that not only connects all of our shared articles to a powerful discovery platform, but do so in a way that’s not divisive, or invites conflict.

It’s our belief that we can get back to sharing the news once we unbundle it from the noise and friction that’s now inherent within traditional social media platforms, and we start by creating a platform from the ground up to simply share the news.

We appreciate your support in our endeavor,

The team at Topico.


Q: Is Topico a news aggregator, or a social network?

A: We’re both, and we’re neither.

The thing is… we’re something new to the marketplace – a shared news network. We were built from the ground up to separate these worlds and yet implement the features that are a benefit to sharing news and information. It’s our belief that the news needs to be unbundled from user-generated content in order to protect both worlds, and we believe our decision to remove comments is one step towards getting back to sharing news and information in a way that keeps us civil and less divisive… and maybe, just maybe… we can not only protect news and journalism, but our own mental well-being as well.

At Topico, we’re all passionate consumers of news and information, and our mission is simply to make sharing it an enjoyable experience again.

Traditional social media sites


Traditional social media sites are built around following people and sharing their personal lives; their opinions, selfies, and videos.


It was all then placed into a feed to share with friends, post comments and keep up with our social connections.

The news was an afterthought and wedged in like a square peg into a round hole.

A foundational shift


Topico is built for sharing news and information, providing a way for members to curate their own newsfeeds around an event, issue, or topic of interest.


These curations (Newsrooms) can then be subscribed to, and shared with others to view, contribute, and gain/share perspectives.


Like news aggregators, they’re simply topic-centric newsfeeds (without commentary) – except they’re yours to curate, cultivate and share with the Topico community. 

Curate the news with Topico


Your Newsroom is your own curated feed of articles around an issue, event, or topic of interest.

Curate the news with Topico


People can recommend your articles, subscribe to your curation, and set push notifications.

Curate the news with Topico


It’s easy to create a title, select a banner, and choose a personal color to make it uniquely yours.

Our rating system

‘Not Recommended’

Not recommending articles is essential to providing accountability to not only the articles, but the people who post them as well.


Recommending articles provides validation and lets the curator know you want “more of this”, while also recommending it to the community.


No comments

No photos, memes, or even personal comments.

It’s  our belief that we can all enjoy sharing news and information once we unbundle it from the noise and friction on social media, and we do that by letting the articles themselves speak for us because they inherently reflect our viewpoints and perspectives.

Posting an article says to everyone, “I find this interesting… you might too”.

And, recommending an article says, “I did, and thanks for sharing”.

The rest is just… noise.

We want posting on Topico to be a simple, friction-free experience, and we think that many of you want that too.

Let’s start sharing the news again by simply getting back to the basics, and in doing so create a less divisive and more civil society.


Influence rings™

Where Do You Stand?

Your Influence Ring™ shows your leaderboard standing within the community.

The more recommendations around the articles you share… the more influence points you’ll gain, and the higher you’ll rise on the leaderboard.

It’s that easy.


Who’s the MIP of #TECHNOLOGY?

A running leaderboard displays the ranking within a Newsroom, topic, or news source, with more points gained as the community recommends everyone’s posted articles.

Most Influential Person (MIP)

The MIP (or Most Influential Person) is determined by the community based on many factors beyond just recommended articles.

You might just be the MIP of #technology, #batman or your favorite television show?


Connecting everything



Did we mention, Topics?

Topico is a massive connection engine. What does that mean? It means that the entire platform is built around understanding the connection of topics and how they relate to every posted article. Why is this important? Because it creates the connections for everyone to easily explore what’s relevant to their own interests.

This is why it’s so important for everyone to tag the articles they post.

It’s like one of those evidence boards in a detective movie where they’re trying to figure out how all the clues are connected.

When you post an article on Topico… you’re putting another pin on the board.

Topico’s power is in generating the string that connects those pins.


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