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Start curating the news around the issues, events and topics that interest you.

Curating the news with Topico
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Topico news app - Download from Google Play

*available in the United States

Key features:

Personally Curated Newsrooms

It’s easy to create your own personalized curations with our Newsroom wizard.

Trend Surfing

Tap on the hashtag icon of any topic to open our unique visualizer to navigate connected topics.

Influence Rings

When people rate your posts you’ll have a visual ring around your avatar to display your ranking.

Connecting Newsrooms

You can easily connect Newsrooms to aggregate articles from other Newsrooms.

Newsroom Notifications

Receive push notifications from only the specific Newsrooms that interest you.

Permissions-based Posting

Allow anyone to post articles, or set permissions for your friends, classmates, or co-workers.

Customize your own newsrooms.

You can choose your own title, color, and banner as well as a host of additional features.

On any topic that interests you.


People are curating Newsrooms on everything from #VIDEO GAMES to (yup) #POLITICS.

Become an influential curator!

Every Newsroom, Topic and Source has its own influence leaderboard.

News without noise.

On Topico it’s just about sharing the news. No comments. No opinions.

The Topico Blog: News in the news

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Topico news app - Download from Google Play

*available in the United States

Topico news app - Download from the App Store

*available in the United States


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