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Re-designing how we share the news.

Curating the news with Topico

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Customize your own newsrooms.

Newsrooms are your own customizable newsfeeds for curating the news on an issue, event, or topic of interest.

Creating a Newsroom is easy. Simply follow the steps;

  • Select a topic: (example: #TECHNOLOGY.)
  • Create a title: (example: ^TECHWORLD.)
  • Select a banner image: (browse our gallery, or upload your own.)
  • Choose a color: (browse our color chart.)
  • Select options: (allow duplicate posts, permissions, notifications, etc…)


On any topic of interest.

On Topico, it helps to think about what you’re interested in, rather than who you’re interested in following.

So instead of following Katie – You would follow her ‘Newsroom’ created around a specific topic of interest.


Now you can separate your #POLITICS from say… your articles on #MOVIES.

This helps keep everything relevant to other members when it comes to curating the news.

Become an influential curator!

Now that you’ve posted an article, other members of the community can now;

  • Recommend it.
  • Make it their “Top pick”
  • Subscribe to your Newsroom
  • Set push notifications to alert them when new articles are posted.
  • Bookmark it.

And as other members react to your post – you’ll gather influence points, which are reflected on your influence ring.

Are you more influential on #TECHNOLOGY, or #NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE?

Find out on Topico.

News without noise.

Oh yeah, there are no comments on Topico.

That’s because we believe that when it comes to sharing news and information, we’re all ready for a place to just share the news – not our opinions.

Think about it.

There are plenty of places to comment on anything and everything, but when it comes to sharing the news… Maybe what we need is to remove our personal opinions.

How witty, or insightful is the average comment? Yay! Cool! Awesome!

Couldn’t a simple “Recommend this post” suffice? Not to mention removing all the added anxiety that comes along with having to moderate what’s said, who’s offended, or making sure you replied to everyone (while overthinking how to respond.)

Let’s do away with all that noise.

We believe that while we lose some frivolous interaction – we gain in creating a comfortable environment to post any article from hot button issues, to guilty pleasures.

Don’t think of it as losing comments so much as gaining peace of mind.

Disagree with that article? Great! – Post a rebuttal article, but go somewhere else for the personal rants, and opinions.

Topico – News without noise.

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Topico news app - Download from the App Store