A Newsroom is simply a newsfeed you can create on any specific topic of interest.


An event (#WORLD CUP)

or, an interest (#BATMAN)

Newsrooms provide a way to curate, and cultivate all the interesting articles you find for others to discover as well.

You can set permissions to a Newsroom so only you can post to it, or for a group of friends, or just make it public so everyone can contribute.

Looking for that article you posted on #ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Check your Newsroom on technology.

And since every Newsroom is connected by a specific topic, others can easily find your Newsroom based on what interests them.

You can customize your Newsroom so that it’s entirely unique. Edit the title, color and even its banner image.

Create as many Newsrooms as you want. Let other members discover your posts, or maybe they’ll share something interesting with you.

Download Topico to create your first Newsroom today!

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