Just tap on your profile icon in the top right corner to open your profile menu.

That’s it. Now select ‘Create a Newsroom’, and you’ll be walked through the entire process.

It’s really simple, and easy to follow our walkthrough.

  • Choose a topic of interest for the Newsroom (every post will get tagged with this topic.)
  • Submit a unique title for the Newsroom. Example: ^SUPREME DECISIONS
  • Select a banner image (from our extensive gallery, or upload your own image.)
  • Select a color for your Newsroom (this helps you brand the look and feel to your preference.)
  • And last, choose from a number of options (Is it public/private, allow duplicate posts, etc..)

*Note: You can make as many Newsrooms as you like, and you can also connect Newsrooms to create hubs, or pull content from other Newsrooms (even other member’s Newsrooms.)