06. What is a Newsroom?

A Newsroom is simply a newsfeed you can create on any specific topic of interest. An issue (#CLIMATE CHANGE) An event (#WORLD CUP) or, an interest (#BATMAN) Newsrooms provide a way to curate, and cultivate all the interesting articles you find for others to discover as well. You can set permissions to a Newsroom so

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11. What is a “Top Pick?”

If you tap on the STAR in the center of the recommendation bar you'll make the article your "Top Pick". This not only recommends the article, but places it on your profile as well for others to find and discover.

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13. What happens if I set notifications on a Newsroom?

If you tap on the options menu of a Newsroom you can set notifications to ON. This means you'll receive push alerts when new articles are posted into that specific Newsroom. So now instead of receiving a bunch of alerts on your phone from what Topico thinks you'll find interesting... You can fine tune your

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14. I have 8 notifications, but can’t see them?

So you see that you've received a few notifications (that number next to your profile pic), but don't see anything when you open it? That's probably due to there being (3) tabs under notifications. ACTIVITY - This notifies you when someone recommends a post, or subscribes to one of your Newsrooms. INFLUENCE - If you

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15. What’s the little surfer icon mean?

Good question. This is a hidden, but powerful feature we call 'Trend Surfing'. Simply tap on the surfer icon, or the #HASHTAG symbol on any topic tile, and you'll open our unique visualizer to surf relevant topics. Try it out. We really think you'll love it, and it's both a fun and informative way to

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