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It’s our mission to re-engage students to start sharing the news again.

We know that posting news articles can cause unwanted friction and that’s why we had to build Topico from the ground up to be a safe, friendly environment for everyone to begin to feel comfortable sharing news in the classroom.

This required us to make a foundational shift in how we share the news.


News in the classroom - Mindfulness

Data protection.

Topico doesn’t ask for any personally identifiable information in order for every student to safely enjoy the experience of sharing news in the classroom.


News in the classroom - Awareness

Online abuse.

There isn’t a way to message, comment, or even interact with other students on Topico to create a safe environment to share news within the classroom.


News in the classroom - Responsible


To safely curate articles, we need to shift away from traditional methods and towards topics rather than social engagement, providing context and focusing on relevant content, rather than our opinions.

"News is the first rough draft of history."

– Phillip L. Graham

Team building to share, engage and discover.

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News in the classroom - Collaborate - Topico


News in the classroom - Evaluate - Topico


News in the classroom - Navigate - Topico


We want a safe place to collectively gather, share and discover news and information so we can start restoring our faith in journalism.


To properly evaluate the news we need to be able to view the source and weigh in on the validity of an article without being divisive. 


It’s equally important to easily explore, and to quickly discover the connections between topics to learn more about a specific event, or issue.  

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Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Every day, millions of parents and educators trust Common Sense reviews and advice to help them navigate the digital world with their kids. Together with policymakers, industry leaders, and global media partners, we’re building a digital world that works better for all kids, their families, and their communities.

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Topics can tell us more of the story




The relationships between topics can build bridges instead of walls, and topics are how we connect the issues.

Topic tags connect stories, presenting us with additional context to explore new directions.

Features like trend surfing let everyone explore an issue to discover more related topics.

Contributing to create historical timelines

Creating the arc of a story

Contributing to the future

A legacy of perspectives

It’s often times important to study the entire arc of a story so we can fully understand all perspectives on an issue, or event.

By contributing articles, students are creating a reference to capture a specific point in time around an issue, or event.

Classrooms can learn from the headlines, viewpoints and perspectives of previous students to create a legacy project.

Connecting everything

Encourage exploration

Connecting the dots

Discovering new paths

Topic tags can take students in directions they might otherwise have never explored, discovered, and gained a new perspective.

As students tag the articles they post, they’re creating connections to every relevant article to help connect the dots.

Easily surfing topics is essential to browsing and discovering new perspectives across the curations on Topico.

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