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Topico can be used to support news presentations for discussion groups, students and schools.

Gather / Reference

Many news presentations often reference a number of articles around an issue, event, or topic of interest.

Present / Archive

Topico enables the presenter/speaker to gather these articles for their audience to later reference at any time, creating valuable archives for students and schools.

Follow up / Engagement

Speakers can always follow up with additional relevant articles, providing a way for the presenter to contribute and inform an audience long after their speaking engagement has ended.

News presentations to engage students, or school classrooms.

Topico Newsrooms provide a way to gather and archive all the relevant articles on an issue, event or topic of interest for your audience to reference, and for you to keep them engaged with future relevant posts.

  • Research and gather news articles.

  • Post them into relevant Newsrooms.

  • Let the audience contribute (optional).

  • Allow the audience to get notifications.

  • Follow up with relevant articles.

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Make it a collaboration.

With community Newsrooms, Topico provides a way for your entire audience to share and participate.

Oh, and one more thing…

There aren’t any comments on Topico.

Topico is a space for people to share news and information on any issue, event, or topic of interest without having to be a part of the friction that can be cause by our comments and personal opinions. 

For this reason we’ve removed comments and made Topico an experience focused on just sharing the news… not our opinions.

Topico is news. The rest is just… noise.

Additional features include;


Newsrooms can be an archive for relevant articles around a specific lecture, or discussion group. 


Topico lets members connect Newsrooms to instantly share articles across different curations.

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Our canonical list of topics connects relevant articles across Newsrooms.

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Our visualizer lets members surf topics to discover relevant articles.

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Members can set push notifications to receive updates from individual Newsrooms.


Create Newsrooms so only you can post, or leave it open for everyone to contribute.

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