What can Topico do for my organization?

Let’s start by engaging people to share the news again.

We know that sharing news online can cause unwanted friction and that’s why we had to build Topico from the ground up to be a safe, friendly environment to share and consume news and information.

This required a foundational shift in how we share online.


News in the classroom

We are advocates for data protection and our members personal privacy.

Topico doesn’t ask for any personally identifiable information in order for everyone to enjoy the experience of sharing news and information.

We don’t want personal data… because we don’t need it to be of value.


We are mindful of the abuse that can happen with sharing news online.

You cannot message, comment, or even interact with other members on Topico, creating a safe environment to share news and information.

We want everyone’s experience to be friendly, focused and frictionless. 


News in the classroom

We want to build a legacy of responsible sharing of news and information.

The news we curate can be archived and reviewed by any member to contribute to a platform of shared knowledge.

Topico is a massive connection engine to encourage exploration of an issue, or event.

Curate articles on an issue, or event




Create multiple newsrooms on the distinct issues your organization is tackling.

Your shared articles can be found all in one place to build historical context on an issue, or event.

Recognize the people contributing the most recommended articles and discover what else they’re sharing.

Topics can tell us more of the story

#Topic tags



Tags connect stories, presenting us with additional context to explore new directions.

The relationship between topics provides us with additional relevance to connect the issues.

By exploring the connected topics we can discover more relevant stories to build a bigger picture.

Contributing to create historical timelines

Looking to the past

The arc of a story

A lesson for the future

Contributing articles helps create a timeline on an event, or issue to provide others with new perspectives, and valuable insight.

To fully understand an event, issue, or topic of interest it is sometimes important to see the entire arc of a story.

We can protect our future by understanding the past, and your Newsrooms can provide context on an issue, or event.

Connecting everything

Connecting the dots

More of the story

A new perspective

Tagging articles provides connections so we can all better understand the relevance of topics to an issue, or event.

Topic tags can take us in directions we might otherwise have never explored, and gained new perspectives.

Easily surfing topics can also connect organizations to one another across multiple issues, causes and concerns.

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