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We just ask that everyone remembers that when they choose to”recommend”, or “not recommend” an article that there’s a real person on the other end of that post. 

Thank you for rating responsibly

Our recommendation bar

Designed so that you can quickly understand the ratio of “recommended” to “not recommend” votes.

Recommending an article

Tap on the RIGHT side of the bar to “recommend” the article.

*Only the person who posted the article can see your recommendation

Not recommending an article

Tap on the LEFT side of the bar to “not recommend” the article.

*Not recommending an article is completely anonymous


Tap on the STAR in the CENTER of the bar to make the article one of your TOP PICKS.

Making an article your ‘Top Pick’ also places it on your profile for others to discover.

*it’s also an easy way to quickly collect an article to read at a later date.

“We’re all in this together”

Thank you for rating responsibly.

Topico is built to be a community for the sharing of news and information.

On Topico, it’s about recommending interesting and informative articles.

As members, our recommendations are an endorsement on the value of an article to the community with a focus on that specific topic of interest.

What’s not of value to one person may be of value to another.

Together, we set the standards.

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