Release notes

Release 1.3.0

August 20th. 2022

New features:

Edit your article’s topic tags

Members can now edit/add/remove any of their article topic tags.

Tap on the article menu, and select ‘edit topics…’

View who has recommended your posts

Now you can views all the members who recommended your post.

Simply go to notifications, and then select the text under the username (example: +2 others recommended your post), and you’ll open a panel to view all the members who have recommended your post.

Allow duplicate posts

When creating a Newsroom you now have the option to allow duplicate posts.

This is helpful when you want to include everyone (such as a classroom).

The default for this option is /OFF. 


Newsroom connections

If an article is posted into your Newsroom from a connected Newsroom, your Newsroom will also import the tags of the article as well.

This is helpful for classrooms, or organizations that want to view the aggregate topics (what’s trending) across multiple Newsrooms.

Surf topic categories

When viewing the top categories on Topico you’ll now see the trend surfing icon next to each topic.

Simply tap on the trend surfer to start discovering what’s relevant to that main topic.

Bug fixes:

Minor bugs to help optimize performance.

Release 1.2.0

May 28th. 2022

New features:

Post articles from the home screen

Members can now tap the (+) post button from the home screen. Posting articles still requires a Newsroom as the destination of the post, and be selected from this screen.

There is a tab to find MY NEWSROOMS to make your Newsrooms easily accessible.


New module layouts

Now you can post an article using multiple layouts.

  • Display full image
  • Display split image
  • Display no image

This provides a way to create a layout for your Newsroom that can showcase hierarchy (full image conveys importance), or groups (several headlines on the same sub-topic).



Now members can grant permission for only specific members to post into their Newsrooms.

Simply tap on the hamburger menu on your Newsrooms and select ‘Permissions’.

*note. Your Newsroom will need to be set to post by permission for this option to appear. If it isn’t available, then choose ‘more options’ – ‘edit’ – ‘edit options’ from your Newsroom menu.



Newsroom connections

When your Newsroom is connected to another Newsroom, your articles will gain the topic tag of that connected Newsroom.

Example: Your Newsroom is connected to another on the topic #MUSIC. When you post an article, your article will automatically gain that connected topic as well. This helps your posted articles boost its presence on Topico by auto-populating it into multiple topic feeds.


Bug fixes:

Minor bugs to help optimize performance.

Release 1.1.1

January 27th. 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue when generating a link on android devices.

Release 1.1.0

January 25th. 2022

New Features:

Newsroom connections

Members can now create a connection/link from other Newsrooms to their own. This feature is available from the Newsroom options menu. (The three vertical lines on a newsroom tile).

Newsroom connections are an easy way to create a central hub, or to aggregate other curations on a relevant topic into one Newsroom.


Push notifications

Members can now receive push notifications from specific Newsrooms. This feature is available from the Newsroom options menu. (The three vertical lines on a newsroom tile).

The default for this feature is Notifications / Off

*ACTIVATION. Current members will need to re-login to Topico to activate push notifications.

News source info panel.

There will now be an info icon ( i ) in the bottom/right corner on the newsfeed of a news source.

This will display the wikipedia entry for that news source. Most known sources of news and information will have a wikipedia entry.

Newsroom article alerts.

The icon for # of posts within a Newsroom will now dim out if there have not been any new articles posted since last visiting that Newsroom.


Duplicate posts

Members will now get a message if they attempt to post an article that already exists in a Newsroom.

The member can still post the article into a different Newsroom, but only the first person to post the article onto Topico will have that article promoted to the topic newsfeed.

Want more people to quickly discover your Newsroom to gain those influence points?… post that breaking news article before anyone else.

Menu updates

The bottom navigation menu will now recede when scrolling, and default to displayed when returning from a previous screen.

Swapped the ‘Home’ (is now top/left) and the ‘Back’ button (is now in the bottom navigation menu) to provide a more intuitive bottom navigation bar.

The home navigation options are now categories / subscriptions / popular.

Influence points

There is now a minimum amount of influence points needed to become the MIP (the most influential person) of a Newsroom, Topic, or News source.

Subscribed Newsrooms

Subscribed Newsrooms are now displayed in order of most recently subscribed.

Multiple Top Picks

Members can now make multiple top picks.

Making an article your “top pick” displays it on your own personal profile to promote that article for others who visit your profile to discover.

Additional updates:

  • Articles won’t jump anymore when scrolling fast.
  • Improved speed when searching for topics.
  • The displayed results when searching for a topic are now more relevant to the search query.
  • Improved speed of trend surfing.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue for generating a link from a Newsroom when app is closed.

  • Fixed an issue displaying influence notifications.

Release 1.0.2

January 7th. 2022


UI improvements

Graphical enhancements to improve the UI.

Bug fixes:

  • General fixes to improve performance

Release 1.0.1

December 29th. 2021

Bug fixes:

  • General fixes to improve performance