Trend surfing is a dynamic visualizer within the Topico app that provides everyone with a fun, informative way to quickly navigate the relationship of relevant topics.

How does trend surfing work?

With Trend Surfing, you can navigate topics to explore their connections to other topics.

You might start on a topic like #FASHION, and end up on #ZORBING.

VIDEO: Topico: Trend Surfing™

Trend Surfing™ – How to browse topics – 00:45


You can quickly open Trend Surfing by tapping on the ‘Surfer’ icon, or just tap the # HASHTAG on any topic tile to quickly start navigating.


It’s more than seeing the relationships, it’s being able to easily jump into a topic feed to see why it’s trending, then quickly jumping back into the Surfer to continue your browsing.


On Topico, we want you to freely explore topics to discover relevant articles on the topics that interest you. Trend Surfing is designed to help you easily browse the relationships of topics to do just that.


Topic-browsing provides interactive exploration.

You can quickly enter trend surfing by tapping on any #HASHTAG symbol.

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