Topico’s mission is to teach news literacy for a better informed, and more civil society.

“Possessing knowledge is powerful, but sharing knowledge is true power as it enables decision-making at the most effective levels by building context around the problem” – Forbes magazine

Don’t surrender that power to an algorithm.

Our mission is to make sharing the news safer, easier, and more enjoyable so that the next generation can appreciate the value of quality journalism and see their vital role as gatekeepers between what is published and what we consume.

Remember when…

There was a time when the internet was seen as a place for human connection.

We shared ideas. We shared perspectives. We shared knowledge.

We want to return to that place.

We can teach news literacy by re-designing how we gather, share, and consume the news.

One of our biggest challenges is that many of us are still suffering from a form of  PTSD when it comes to posting a news article.

And is it any wonder?

Fear of conflict.

Fear of oversharing.

Fear of irrelevancy.

Posting an article meant opening ourselves up to a host of annoying issues  as comment rage became akin to road rage.

So we built Topico from the ground up as a way to share articles and remove the friction.

We enjoy sharing the news. We love being a part of the process.

We want journalism to survive and thrive again.

We want to inspire a new generation.

News without noise.

There are plenty of places to “share the news”, but none were built specifically for that task, which meant that it had to share the same space with other forms of content; Memes. Photos. Comments, and all manner of user-generated content.

Topico has built a platform from the ground up with the purpose of creating an enjoyable place to start sharing the news again.

This meant a restructuring of what we’re all generally familiar with as far as social networking, keeping the elements that provide validation, while removing what was causing a lot of the noise and friction in the first place; the personal comments, opinions and user-generated content.

And maybe by creating an enjoyable place to share news and information we can repair our relationship with journalism, and by doing so support news literacy.

These are our first steps and we greatly appreciate your support as together we build a platform to stay better informed, and hopefully create a more civil society where sharing news and information is once again an enjoyable experience.


News without noise.

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Let’s start sharing the news again.

It seems like we’ve distanced ourselves from posting news and information for a great number of reasons, from the accompanying anxiety of causing some unintentional friction to the noise of being just another irrelevant article in our friend’s feeds.

At Topico, we realized that to have a platform dedicated to sharing the news we needed to address these issues in order to build an experience from the ground up that wasn’t afraid to flip the current model on how we post news around the events, issues and topics that interest us.

This meant taking chances and not being afraid to reimagine the concept of “social sharing”.

The team at Topico enjoys sharing news and information. We know that journalism and a free press are essential to maintain a better informed, and more civil society.

When we share sourced news and information we are sharing our viewpoints on the events, issues and topics that interest us.

We believe that’s worth protecting, and if you’re reading this… you probably do as well.

The team at Topico.

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