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Together we can contribute to a better-informed, more civil society.

Curate the News with Topico

a more ‘human’ internet.

News without noise. Curated by the community.

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Topico Newsroom - Curate the news

Curate your own personalized Newsrooms.

Gather articles into your own customized Newsrooms around the issues, events, and topics that interest you.

What is  community curation?

Unlike traditional news apps that rely on algorithmic curation, Topico is curated by the community.

This means that the content is selected and shared by our members, based on their interests and preferences, which can lead to a more diverse range of news topics and opinions.

News without noise.

One of the goals of Topico is to create an environment that is not divisive or conflict-inducing.

By allowing our members to share news in a controlled environment, we aim to foster a better-informed and more civil environment for our community.

Key features:

Personally Curated Newsrooms

It’s easy to create your own personalized curations with our Newsroom wizard.

Trend Surfing

Tap on the hashtag icon of any topic to open our unique visualizer to navigate connected topics.

Influence Rings

When people rate your posts you’ll have a visual ring around your avatar to display your ranking.

Connecting Newsrooms

You can easily connect Newsrooms to aggregate articles from other Newsrooms.

Newsroom Notifications

Receive push notifications from only the specific Newsrooms that interest you.

Permissions-based Posting

Allow anyone to post articles, or set permissions for your friends, classmates, or co-workers.

Q: What is news curation?

News curation is the process of finding, analyzing, filtering, preserving and sharing the most relevant information on a specific topic for a particular audience.

re-designing how we curate the news.

Curate the news with Topico

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Topico - Curating the news - News without noise

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Podcast: David Bloom interview

Topico - Curate the news - News without noise

Video: Introduction to Topico

What can Topico do for me?

How can Topico benefit my Classroom?

Can my organization use Topico?

Create your own ‘Newsrooms’ on any topic of interest.

Topico - Download now from the App store

*Only available in the United States

Topico - Download now on Google play

*Only available in the United States

Common Sense Education reviews Topico

Reviewed by common sense education.

Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Every day, millions of parents and educators trust Common Sense reviews and advice to help them navigate the digital world with their kids. Together with policymakers, industry leaders, and global media partners, we’re building a digital world that works better for all kids, their families, and their communities.

Tap on the logo above, or visit their home page at for more insightful reviews.

Limited time ‘Founders’ badges

For a limited time we are giving our first members a ‘Founders’ badge to forever be displayed on their profile as a thank you from the entire team at Topico.

We greatly appreciate your interest and support in our endeavor to make the sharing of news and information an enjoyable experience again.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without you.

The team at Topico.

Main features:


Newsroom’s are user-curated newsfeeds of posted articles around a specific topic of interest.

Topico - Create your own Newsrooms


Everything is connected by topic, and Topico is built to discover news and information.

Topico - Topic tags

Influence rings™

Influence rings indicate your ranking based on the recommendations of your posts.

Topico - Influence ring

Trend surfing™

Quickly browse the relationships of  topics. Simply tap on the center topic to start exploring.

Topico - Trend surfing

68% of Americans

get their news from social media

– pew research center 9.7.17 

We believe that everyone is ready for a dynamic shift in the way they share news and information.

“Social Media has given us access to more information sources than ever, but it’s changing our perceptions of each other and crushing the business model of quality journalism.”

The Denver Post, 3.24.17

“Never in human history has more information been available to more people. But it’s also true that never in history has more bad information been available to more people.”

CBS: 60 Minutes, 3.26.17

“The problem with ‘Fake News’ comes from trying to prove you’re not it.”

NBC News, 12.27.17

“Trust in mass media in the United States is lower than it has ever been since the organization (Gallup) started asking that question in 1972.”

Reuters, 9.15.16

“The platforms now act as “regulators” of the news business — determining what information gets delivered to whom, and when.”

The New York Times, 1.31.19

Attempts to even label misinformation have fallen dramatically short – and the reason is sadly too obvious: “social media platforms tend to use automated algorithms for these tasks, because they scale well.” In other words it takes humans to understand what is truly misinformation or disinformation.

Forbes, 4.17.20

Curate the news with Topico today!

Topico - Download from the App Store

*Only available in the United States

Topico - Download now from Google play

*Only available in the United States


A look into the multi-billion dollar advertising industry and how they waged war against their own consumers.

The Ad War reveals the inner workings of Online Advertising and exposes a growing conflict between advertising networks and their own consumers. Learn how the demand for relevance has led the industry into a perilous struggle with privacy and control that could ultimately change the way we use the internet.

We also wrote the book on the broken model of targeted advertising.

The Topico Blog: News in the news

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Curate the News with Topico today!

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*Only available in the United States

Topico news app - Download from Google Play

*Only available in the United States

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