Topico, and Over and Above Africa

Below is a structure used by one of the organizations on Topico, ‘Over and Above Africa’.

Using some of our key features, OAAA has designed a system of sharing in order to curate and connect the issues they care about, while also including their community to participate in sharing new and relevant information.

Over and Above Africa

This is OAAA’s primary Newsroom.

Their members can subscribe to it, and receive push notifications to keep up on current news and events.

*Newsrooms can easily be customized to match your brand.

Connected Newsrooms

OAAA has also created ‘connected’ Newsrooms.

These are Newsrooms on various niche topics of interest; #Endangered Species, #Anti-poaching, #Documentary news.

Connected Articles

An article posted into a connected Newsroom will also post into their main ^OVER AND ABOVE AFRICA Newsroom.

Community Newsroom

Over and Above Africa has also created a place for their community to share news and information.

This provides a place for members to safely collaborate and contribute with one another.

*OAAA can moderate what articles are posted into this community.

Everything is connected

Christina shares an article to the community with several #topic tags.


Confused? Here it is in a nutshell.

OAA creates a main Newsroom they title ^OVER AND ABOVE AFRICA

They then create (3) more Newsrooms on the following topics; #ENDANGERED SPECIES, #ANTI-POACHING, #DOCUMENTARY FILM

They then ‘connect’ these Newsrooms to their main Newsroom, ^OVER AND ABOVE AFRICA

Now, anything posted into one of their connected Newsrooms will also appear in the main Newsroom as a hub of all posted articles.

They also have a Newsroom for their community to post articles amongst themselves, ^SHARING OVER AFRICA

This creates a place for their members to collaborate and participate in the sharing of news and information.

OAAA might see an interesting community submitted article and share it directly to one of their connected Newsrooms.

Which, then pushes it to the main Newsroom, ^OVER AND ABOVE AFRICA as well.

They also have the option of making a community post their TOP PICK (selecting the star in the recommendation bar), which promotes the article on their own OAAA profile.

It’s all about using the various features of Topico to create your own system for sharing.

Good luck, and look forward to your support and involvement in Topico!

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