We all know the term, ‘Social Media’, which to us is “a means for a person to share what they find interesting with other people.”

Where Social Media is all about what is of interest to them… Topical Media is all about what interests you.

Following a person in a news-centric experience could present you with a lot of irrelevant content; what they share in tech, sports and politics.

Instead, people create Newsrooms on an issue, event, or topic of interest, providing a way for others to follow a specific topic that interest them.

Love their tech news, but not interested in their politics. Perfect. Just browse/subscribe to their tech Newsroom.

This is Topical Media, and every Newsroom (and therefore every article) is connected through topics.

We believe that both Topical Media and Social Media have their merits, but when it comes to curating, sharing and discovering news and information… Topical Media is simply the more relevant solution to deliver a better experience to everyone.