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01. What is Topico?

Everyone is clamoring for something new, a civil place to share news and information. The existing networks were never built to share the news, and with the advent of social media we’ve now elevated user-generated content (TikTok videos, memes, and personal rants) to compete with traditional news and journalism.  The team at Topico believes we can

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06. What is a Newsroom?

A Newsroom is simply a newsfeed you can create on any specific topic of interest. An issue (#CLIMATE CHANGE) An event (#WORLD CUP) or, an interest (#BATMAN) Newsrooms provide a way to curate, and cultivate all the interesting articles you find for others to discover as well. You can set permissions to a Newsroom so

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02. What is Topical Media?

We all know the term, 'Social Media', which to us is "a means for a person to share what they find interesting with other people." Where Social Media is all about what is of interest to them... Topical Media is all about what interests you. Following a person in a news-centric experience could present you

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03. Why is your company icon the ^ symbol?

Topico's icon ^ (the carat symbol) is more than a simple design choice. It helps us show through written text that we are indicating a Newsroom, much like the #HASHTAG has become synonymous with a topic of interest. Typing THE GREAT DIVIDE doesn't add context without adding... "Check out my Newsroom, THE GREAT DIVIDE." Simply

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07. How do I create my own Newsroom?

Just tap on your profile icon in the top right corner to open your profile menu. That's it. Now select 'Create a Newsroom', and you'll be walked through the entire process. It's really simple, and easy to follow our walkthrough. Choose a topic of interest for the Newsroom (every post will get tagged with this

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05. How do I post an article?

Articles can only be posted into a Newsroom. This helps provide context to the article. There are several ways to find a relevant Newsroom for your article. You can create your own Newsroom (from within your profile menu.) You can search the topic and see if there is already a public Newsroom for your post.

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